NICOLAS PHOTOGRAPHY is managed by the Nicolas siblings.
Kat 27, Pam 26, Leo 25, Albert 24 and Melissa 21.
Their father Bert, who retired from Bank of the Philippine Islands in 2000 after 20 years of service to concentrate on their business. Serves as photographer (back-up) with Kat as main. Rupert, Leo and Albert ( serves as videographers and video editors. Graphic layout artist are Melissa, Pam and Kat, who also alternates as photo and video editor. Mely, their mother is the studio photographer and in charge of marketing and promotions.

Bob( 32, the eldest, Rupert 31 ( and Rommel 28 ( have already established their own, and considered the BEST in their CHOSEN CAREER!

The LOVE and PASSION for photography keep the family together.